About Us

Wild Tomato is a leading global destination for physicians, healthcare professionals, and all people across the globe, offering the latest medical news and expert opinions, drug and disease information, medical developments, and significant professional education and CME. At Wilde Tomato, we focus on honest and authoritative medical information to people through our user-friendly and interactive website. 

Wild Tomato has a highly accomplished and experienced team of qualified executives in the field of science and medicine, healthcare, internet technology, and business to bring to the audience the most comprehensive, sought-after healthcare information. 

Our team ensures that Wild Tomato’s content and services uphold the highest standards of medical ethics and integrity. Our healthcare professionals provide medical reviews, clinical guidance, and expert point of view. Wild Tomato health experts and physicians make sure that the content we deliver is accurate, precise, evidence-based, current, trustable, and person-centric. 

Our Mission

Wild Tomato aims to be a constant support and guidance to people in their journey to health and wellness. We are determined to provide only precise, expert-reviewed, and current news to assist the medical community and all people throughout the world. With this mission, Wild Tomato covers all aspects of physical and mental health maintaining objectivity and transparency. 

Our Vision

Wild Tomato envisions providing the latest health news and information that can empower the medical community as well as other people to contribute to the health of society and live the strongest, healthiest lives. Over the years, our crew of health experts has been striving to achieve this goal and we are constantly reviewing our growth.