Angela Cheruseo: The key to success is sustainability

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By Brenda Webb


Wealth empowerment coach Angela Cheruseo is passionate about helping busy and motivated people succeed in whatever field they choose.

The Nelson-based speaker, consultant and coach aims to help clients achieve and sustain their goals.

Being strategic and goal-focussed means she helps people get things moving instead of being stuck and frustrated.

While her niche experience is in finance and budgeting – she worked in the financial world for 12 years – Angela says wealth empowerment encompasses four areas: health and wellbeing, relationships, financial and job and career.

Right now she is excited to be part of the Evolved Leadership Organisation as an Evolved certified coach.

Evolved Leadership, founded by Kiwi Sally Anderson, is a global leadership development service provider specialising in sustainable transformation both personally and professionally.

Sally Anderson is at the forefront of sustainable human and organisation transformation and is a world renowned leadership coach, leadership retreat facilitator, inspirational keynote speaker, author and master coach trainer.

Angela turned to Evolved after discovering that setting up a business on her own and working alone was a challenge.

“I need to be part of a bigger support network so being under the Evolved Leadership umbrella is perfect. It means I have people to bounce ideas off, plenty of support and the best thing is that Evolved Leadership has high quality assurance standards in place and peer-review all of my coaching to an exemplary standard so my clients are getting the benefits,” she says.

Angela believes in helping her clients set goals that can be maintained.  She is adamant that making a sustainable transition is often the missing link in people’s lives.

“I like dealing with the psychology of it and giving people the tools to help them reach their full potential,” she says. “You can give anyone a budget but they don’t necessarily stick with it which is where the psychology comes in.

“It’s not necessarily what you earn but what you do with it that needs to be addressed. I liken it to dieting – anyone can lose weight but it is keeping it off that is important and the same can be applied to finances – it’s sustaining those goals.”

As well as writing blog posts and e-books, Angela runs courses with clients coaching them to have the life skills and tools essential for achieving balance and success in their lives.

She was inspired in her early life by her father who came from a small village in the south of Italy. Despite being brought up in poverty with no education he went on to become head chef of a large hotel in Sorrento. His drive to improve his family’s fortune, despite being illiterate, made Angela realise the importance of money for the freedom and options it gives.

Angela has a certificate in brain based coaching from the Neuroleadership Group, is a certified budget advisor by Kingdom Resources and a qualified member of the International Coaching Federation.


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