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If you have created, grown, harvested, sourced or manufactured a product, you’ll know how much hard work is involved in getting it on shelves and in front of customers.

Showcasing the fruits of your labour to the world in innovative packaging that does its job, tells just the right story and is both environmentally and economically viable is vital to your product’s success. But where to start? Well, if you like the quality look and feel of the magazine you are holding, read on.

Bluestar, the company that prints WildTomato, is a highly innovative, environmentally sustainable, solution-focused business that can take care of printing, packaging and just about anything else related to that you can think of. And, unlike some alternatives, they keep you in the loop throughout to make sure you end up with exactly what you want.

The old adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is one that certainly doesn’t apply to the most successful product packaging. In fact, it could well be said that the opposite holds true.

Boxes, containers, display dispensers, holders, wraps – whatever form it takes, packaging is far more than just an outer layer used to contain or transport goods. It represents the vital first eye contact between a customer and a product, and it can make or break a crucial moment of interaction in a split second as the customer judges what might be inside.

Good packaging needs to be aesthetically appealing, attractive and engaging as well as representing its content in such a way that customers can’t resist engaging with and buying the product. It needs to align with the philosophical and ethical position of a company and to speak subliminally to the product’s target market with far more than only the wording printed on it. It needs to do its job, containing a product in the best way to ensure its integrity remains from production right through to use. Packaging is, to put it simply, an experience in itself.

Understanding this holistic concept is one of the reasons Bluestar is at the leading edge in packaging design and production in New Zealand. Not just packaging gurus, the company has expertise across all areas of print, with innovative, sustainable packaging design and production one of its mainstays.

Bluestar has formed via the streamlining of multiple businesses specialising in different, related areas of the creative print industry. This multi-channel approach has resulted in a main umbrella business that has one of the best reputations, widest range of expertise and largest capabilities around. It deals with all aspects of print production including running some of the latest printing plant technologies available.

Complete package

Sheet-fed offset printing, sheet-fed digital printing, high speed digital and wide-format printing, mail processing, campaign fulfilment and even nationwide storage and distribution are all included in Bluestar’s repertoire, which is being expanded all the time with the latest in knowledge and equipment. Basically, whatever their customers need creating in terms of print product, no matter what size or how tricky, Bluestar will ace it.

This applies to their packaging design and creation services too. Bluestar understands that producing, growing, creating or developing a product involves a lot of hard work, time and energy along with a real passion to share something special with the world. Visually presenting that product in packaging that is on-brand and on-message has a lot to do with getting potential customers to
the point where they will actually
choose to try it.

Once that hurdle has been successfully crossed, and not before, the product then gets the opportunity to speak for itself, which is why it’s so vital to get the packaging right. It is the gateway to selling a product, so allowing customers to play a real part in the process of developing the perfect packaging makes sure the end product they hold in their hand does justice to the time and thought that went into its production. It ensures the message being put across hits exactly the right note.

Bluestar’s sales director John Bannan, who has over three decades of experience and expertise in the printing industry, says the business has some proven techniques to make sure this happens. Tools such as nifty online software with 3D design elements that let customers see exactly what their packaging will look like before it is produced put the control in their hands, he says, whether bringing pre-existing designs or utilising the expertise of the company’s top design team to tell the visual story of their product.


“Remaining accessible and adding a personal touch to all our customer interactions is another way this company hits the nail on the head,” John says.

“In fact, despite being able to offer a huge scope of services, Bluestar is New Zealand-owned and Kiwi-focused, with an absolute commitment to the professional delivery of quality outcomes for clients, guided by the expertise and solutions of people they can relate to and deal with on a personal level.”

Environmental impact
John says the business prides itself on delivering, on time, to the customer’s brief and budget. It focuses on environmentally sustainable options and leads the market with fast turn-around times right here in Aotearoa.

“Peace of mind is important,” he says.

“Offering this to our customers is vital to Bluestar’s philosophy and is something that sets us apart from
our competitors.”

John explains this peace of mind also extends to consideration of environmental impact.

“We are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited, which means our materials come from well-managed forests, responsible sources or are recycled,” he says.

“We take this very seriously and ensure our footprint is as light as possible.”



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