Fendalton Eye Clinic: Improve your vision with LASIK eye surgery

Dr. David Kent and the team at Fendalton Eye Clinic



Are you reading this page while wearing glasses or contact lenses? If so, you may well be one of the many people that LASIK eye treatment can help.

Anyone with vision issues knows that glasses and contacts can be a hassle for various reasons, and for some they can be detrimental to life choices and careers where excellent vision is a must. Imagine not having to worry about using them anymore, and seeing the world around you clearly with your own eyes, all the time. Waking up in the morning and seeing the alarm clock without scrabbling around to find your glasses, or reading street signs easily might seem like luxuries to many people, but the incredible technology of LASIK (Laser-In-Situ Keratomileusis) eye treatments can correct your vision permanently, so you’ll probably never need glasses or lenses again.

Fendalton Eye Clinic in Christchurch is a leading centre for correction of vision issues using the world’s most advanced technology in High Definition LASIK™ eye surgery, being the only all-laser LASIK provider in the South Island. The painless procedure typically restores the ability to see without glasses or contacts within 24 hours, and offers greater accuracy and more superior results than any previous methods. Fendalton Eye Clinic is also the only centre in the South Island with a purpose-built, state-of-the-art laser eye surgery theatre and is headed by Dr. David Kent (MBChB, FRANZCO, FRACS), one of Australasia’s leading LASIK specialists, with over 22,000 LASIK procedures to his name.

Dr Kent uses the Schwind Amaris 1050RS, the most advanced excimer laser available to provide the fastest treatment time and the safety of seven-dimensional eye tracking to perform individualised, tailored treatments for every single patient to meet the exact needs of each person, and each eye. But what does LASIK eye treatment actually involve? Basically, the eye is numbed with anaesthetic drops, then a thin flap is created and raised on the surface of the cornea, allowing laser correction of the deeper corneal tissue beneath, before the flap is put back in place and reseals itself. Multi-dimensional tracking removes any worries about eye movement as the equipment is so responsive. Some providers may still use an instrument with a minute oscillating blade to create the flap, but at Fendalton Eye Clinic with HD LASIK™ you can be sure you are getting the latest technology and expertise, with the entire procedure carried out using specialised lasers – no blade or cutting is involved, so it is painless, fast and extremely effective. Many patients are surprised at how quick and easy their treatment actually was, as well as the level and quality of follow-up monitoring and care they received at no extra cost.

So who can HD LASIK™ treatment help? The expert staff at Fendalton Eye Clinic offer free laser assessments throughout the South Island, including in Nelson, to establish whether the procedure is right for you, but most people between the ages of 20 and 60 who suffer from long or short sightedness, with or without astigmatism, can benefit from the technological advancement HD LASIK™ offers. Contact the clinic directly on 0800 4 LASIK (0800 45 27 45) to find out when the next free screening session will be offered in your area, or check out their comprehensive website providing information on all aspects of the technology, physiology and procedures at www.lasik.co.nz.


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