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The opportunity to put your own mark on a special occasion is an opportunity to grab with both hands, whether it’s a wedding, work function or anything in between. And the best part is that all the hard work in sourcing the props you’ve been dreaming about has already been done. Gareth and Kim Rosser of GK Events Hire have put a huge amount of time and energy into developing their enormous range of props, furniture, games and so much more, and the steady growth of their business has been very satisfying.

It all started when the couple began researching possibilities for their own wedding, which they hoped would be memorable beyond the ceremony and the usual order of events. In particular, they wanted a ‘country fair’ theme but despite doing some serious research, they found there was very little in the way of quality items from a ‘one-stop-shop’ that could be hired to add a tailor-made touch to theirs or any other kind of occasion. With such a strong vision of what they wanted their wedding to look like, and as they both enjoy craftwork of different sorts, Gareth and Kim literally rolled up their sleeves and began creating their wished-for scenario for themselves. “We’re both kind of non-stop people,” Kim comments. The results included – but were not limited to – some rather special signage and a series of large-scale outdoor games to entertain their guests. At this point they quickly realised that they had the beginnings of a viable business, which was only confirmed by the enthusiasm and enjoyment experienced by their guests on the big day itself.

Some two years down the track, their business has now expanded to fill a purpose-built facility that sits alongside their home in the hills above the Coastal Highway between Richmond and Mapua, where they live with their three-year-old son Mason and Jimi, their energetic black labrador. Visitors are welcome to come and browse through the treasure trove of items that the Rossers have built or collected, however Kim and Gareth recommend that they make an appointment to do so.

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“We’ve always wanted to have our own business,” says Kim, “but it was a matter of finding the right thing. And for me, doing this covers everything that’s important to me: I get to work with people, we get to make stuff which I’ve always loved doing, and we get to source and buy interesting things.”

Regarding the latter, the couple grab the chance to do a road trip now and again, during which time they keep their eyes open for items with a ‘wow’ factor. “We’ve always been good at spotting random items that can be turned into something else,” says Kim. Among their most recent finds were a bike and a coffee table which they plan to turn into a rather special drinks cart.

GK family in their warehouse showing the handcrafted curved bar. Gareth, Kim and Mason Rosser, Max Bidlake and Jimi Rosser (dog)

It’s very much a family business as Max Bidlake, Kim’s father, lives not too far away. Although he’s retired now, Max enjoys working with his daughter and son-in-law and his expertise in working with wood and metal has been much appreciated as the couple’s business has grown.

You won’t find any cheap or hastily thrown together items in this ever-growing collection as Gareth and Kim are committed to the idea of only using quality materials. “It’s about upcycling, repurposing and restoring wherever possible,” comments Gareth, who just happens to be trained as a welder, among other things.

So what can you expect to find in this unique collection? Far too much to list here but the couple is particularly proud of their very latest acquisition, the Icicle Tricycle, which has been adapted for use at almost any event. As its name suggests it is effectively a refrigerated unit on wheels, stocked with Italian-style ice cream that comes from Nelson’s very own Gelato Roma, which is happy to provide classic flavours and even custom-made combinations to suit the occasion. Although the tricycle itself is a cheerful fire-engine red, its accessories – which include an umbrella and carrier boxes – can be mixed and matched to suit your taste. In the event of a PR-related or similar function the Icicle Tricycle is the perfect tool to promote your brand as one side of the freezer has been designed to carry your logo or appropriate message. Furthermore, any paper cups or flavour menus that may be required can also carry branding so that your company name is always a part of the event.

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Then there are the handcrafted games, over 50 of them that have been designed for just about every scenario you can imagine including – but not necessarily limited to – family fun for kids and adults alike; team building; conference activities; fundraising and games night events; work ‘dos’ and, of course, celebratory parties such as weddings, which is where this all started.

Gareth and Kim are constantly on the lookout for new game ideas so the collection is very much a moveable feast. And should it happen that you know exactly what you want, but it’s not yet in their range, they will be happy to create it for you. What’s more, you can choose to brand it if you wish, making it a worthwhile investment because it can be used again and again. Gareth and Kim are particularly excited about this bespoke side of their business, which has added another dimension to what they can offer their customers.



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