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Windows can really make or break a building, so to speak. Whether residential or commercial, top-notch windows that are designed for optimum aesthetics and functionality make a huge difference.

Insite is a Nelson company that has been recognised as an industry leader since its very inception.

Offering a portfolio of market-leading window and door design in aluminium – with PVC available soon – Insite is at the forefront when it comes to expertise in windows and doors.

Insite is run by directors Mark Cessford and John van de Schootbrugge.  Mark says the business offers clients decades of experience. “We have been in Nelson for 12 years, but if you add up our industry time, our team offers over a hundred years of experience,” he says.

“We pride ourselves on supplying windows and doors that are pleasing to the eye while adding value and enjoyment to your home or commercial property, using only superior materials and employing skilled and experienced staff.”

Insite supplies residential window and door systems from Vantage, Smartwood and the Architectural Series, as well as undertaking a huge variety of commercial projects. The company is located in purpose-built premises that reflect its commitment to supplying top-quality aluminium window and door systems. Potential clients are welcome to visit the Stoke base and see these products for themselves. Whatever window or door type you are after – awning, casement, sliding, bifold, overhead, custom or pretty much anything you can think of – Insite will be able to find a solution.

PVC windows, which the company will offer from later this year, are a relatively new phenomenon in New Zealand, although John says anyone who has lived in Europe will probably have experienced them. Known for their superior thermal properties, they are an excellent option for noise reduction and eliminating condensation. Insite will supply Klima brand PVC windows and is again showing its commitment to progress, innovation and technology by bringing this product type into its portfolio.

Currently though, Vantage windows and doors are one of the company’s most popular mainstream lines. As New Zealand building and housing designs have evolved, so has the Vantage range, and it now incorporates a huge variety of options, with the scope to select specialised features within each category type.

There is even a thermally efficient ThermalHEART option for climatic situations where interior comfort and full insulation are required. In these products a thermal insulator is cleverly included around each window and door to ensure that cold transfer is minimised and interior warmth retained. This powerful enhancement, combined with double-glazing, makes for the ultimate in sensible year-round living.

Mark says he admires Vantage as a supplier because they back high performance not only in windows and doors, but in New Zealand’s best sportspeople too. “Vantage is the main sponsor of star Olympic gold-medallist rowers Eric Murray and Hamish Bond,” he explains. “We were lucky enough to have them visit our premises for a barbecue recently as Vantage ambassadors, and we’d really like to thank them for dropping by.”

You might not be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a famous face yourself should you decide to drop into Insite, but both Mark and John assure you that the faces you will see are friendly, experienced and highly skilled in helping you with the design, supply and installation of the perfect window or door solution for your project, whether big, small, commercial or residential.


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