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Thinking new kitchen, laundry, entertainment unit or even a commercial project?

The Sellers Room is the place to visit to be inspired about your interior project.

The Sellers Room, based in Stoke, welcomes you to visit their leading-edge interactive showroom, where their design team is available to assist potential clients to see, feel and try the many different products on offer, including lacquering and Corian.

The Sellers Room are sought-after for residential developments across the top of the South Island and consistently engaged for commercial projects around New Zealand. They offer a full service, from design to manufacture, and to installation, co-ordinating other sub trades to ensure that the process does not become too overwhelming.

Owners Myles and Margarette Sellers work closely with their team of experienced designers, manufacturers and installers. A combined experience of 50 years designing projects around New Zealand has made them proud of what they offer.

The design process is where the dream of having a new kitchen suddenly starts to become reality. Time spent at the initial appointment, either on-site for a renovation or at the showroom for a new project, is crucial.

This is an opportunity for clients to input their own ideas and needs through either discussion, articles or pictures they have collected. Combined with the designers’ knowledge, this will make sure the project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a highly desirable and functional space for many years to come.

The use of technology allows not only viewing of plans on a 3D program where you can see a virtual image of what your kitchen will look like, but it also allows for the manufacturing process to be driven with purpose as this same technology is what our experienced detailer/IT specialist will use to make the project.

Clients are welcome to visit their project while it is being made –  the factory is housed in the same premises as the showroom in Stoke. This is a great experience that allows for clients to be involved as much as they wish.

The Sellers Room not only offers a design service but also the use of products that support functionality, innovative and creative design specialising in the use of Blum hardware, lacquer finishes, Corian benchtops and a wide range of Laminex products.

Along with this focus on longevity and quality comes a commitment to sustainability. The company works closely with leading national and international suppliers who share their commitment to the environment and who produce their quality products through innovative design and ecologically sensitive processes.

“Our measure of success is our ability to consistently deliver on core competencies,” says Margarette. “From experience, we know that all else flows from them.

“We specialise in designing and building the perfect space for your needs. We absolutely love what we do, and we value your decision to consider our expertise for your project.”


Phone: 03 547 7144

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