The Vibe: Bringing a new vibe to Nelson’s hair and beauty business

The Vibe Hair & Beauty owner Sarah Nyssen



The team at The Vibe Hair & Beauty do what they do because they love what they do.

This statement comes directly from the mission statement prominently displayed in Nelson’s newest hair and beauty business. It actually says a lot more, all of which is worth reading, because making her clients happy is at the heart of what Sarah Nyssen and her staff at The Vibe Hair & Beauty are all about.

A Nelson girl, Sarah had always wanted to be in the beauty business and with this in mind as a 17-year-old, she took herself to Invercargill where she studied for two years to become a beauty therapist.

Three years ago, she felt ready to run her own business and took the plunge by buying an existing salon on the outskirts of the CBD. Over the time Sarah owned this business she introduced a number of beauty treatments, all of which were welcomed by her clientele. However, when gently pushed to choose her favourite, Sarah enthuses over waxing and massage treatments. “I love how my clients feel uplifted through their experience at The Vibe. Generally, women don’t give themselves enough time; too many of them are busy being super heroes dealing with kids and careers. And although we’ve only been open a short time, quite a few clients have commented on how peaceful and relaxing it is here.”

Sarah is not the kind of person to rest on her laurels. Although she enjoyed running her previous business, at the age of 29 she’s ready to expand and when the lease for the premises in the centrally located Dowsons Arcade became available she jumped at it. One of the attractions was the opportunity to build it from the ground up so that it has become a very personalised space for her and her staff: Danni, Alex and Natalia. The new space has also given her the chance to stock a particular range of products that is not only environmentally friendly, but which has not been tested on animals.

Having her own business for the last few years has taught her a lot, especially the skills needed to overcome the challenges that have arisen along the way. However, it’s part of Sarah’s personality to learn and grow from those experiences and she’s now proud to be in a position where she can lend a helping hand in the community. The organisations she actively supports include the SPCA, Hospice and World Vision. She says that for her this kind of support is about ‘giving back’; a very important part of her personal values.

As for what’s next, Sarah is already thinking well beyond her new premises. “There’s always a new goal to pursue, making it an exciting time for me both personally and professionally.” This woman is all about taking on new challenges because as far as she’s concerned, they are all part of her journey.

If you’d like to experience Sarah’s brand of caring for her clients, then call or pop in to make an appointment. They’re open Tuesday through to Saturday afternoons.


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