Tim’s Gardens Services: New premises for specialist organic gardening company

Tim Morozgalski of Tim’s Garden Services



A well-designed garden that looks good, feeds you and your family during the seasons, and which has been designed on organic principles so it will attract bees and other benign insects, is well within the reach of Nelson and Tasman residents.

Having just celebrated their third birthday, Tim Morozgalski of Tim’s Garden Services is feeling very appreciative of the growth of the business he and his Nelson-born partner started not long after their arrival in Nelson.

“We want to help people to better understand and utilise their gardens, however big or small they might be,” Tim says.

Although he started off working from home, Tim will shortly be opening specialist premises at 26 Gloucester Street from 31st August., which he is confident that his ever-expanding list of clients will appreciate. The generous space – directly opposite Repco so it’s easy to find – will be home to a workshop where experienced staff with a background in woodworking build bespoke items such as planter boxes, pergolas and so on. It’s big enough to house custom-designed potting benches to grow a range of organic and edible plants which will be available for sale in the retail space, alongside a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Here, clients can also browse a range of sustainable garden products, including tools as well as samples of products such as gravel and decking. Finally, and quite importantly, Tim has incorporated a small design studio within the premises.

“We want to add a different dimension to the garden services and landscaping services we’ve been offering to date,” Tim says. “The design studio will be especially helpful, not only because clients can now see their ideas being developed, but because it will ensure that everyone – the staff, myself and the client – are on the same page.”

Full range of services

When you engage Tim or any of his five staff to develop a sustainable garden on your property, you can choose to learn to maintain your garden organically yourself, which can only be a good thing at a time when more of us need a stronger connection to where much of our food comes from. “We’re about encouraging biodiversity in people’s gardens with the aim of attracting beneficial insects such as bees to help the pollination process,” says Tim.

Alternatively, for those with busy lifestyles, a maintenance plan that can be carried out by the team is easily arranged.

In the near future Tim plans to run workshop events from the new premises that will complement the services currently offered. “Our main focus is to connect gardens with food again so we see our niche as being about the edibles people can grow to feed themselves” he concludes.

From the initial preparation through to designing your outdoors so that it’s not only practical, sustainable and attractive, Tim’s Garden Services will reflect your lifestyle in a way you’ll love for many years to come. However, if you would prefer to take things a bit more slowly, Tim and his staff are happy to start with a garden clean-up, allowing you time to consider the next step without any obligation.


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