Gluco Guardian Reviews (NZ)- How Does It Help With Your Blood Sugar Level?

Are dietary supplements worth the hype or is it just a cash grab? If you’re on the fence about choosing the right dietary supplement, we have got you covered. Keeping a normal blood sugar level can be challenging and hard to keep a track of. This Gluco Guardian review (NZ) will help you learn more about the supplement and if it is legitimate.

Gluco Guardian Review (NZ)- A Dietary Supplement For Blood Sugar?

The manufacturers of Gluco Guardian claim that the supplement can help in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. While every other supplement focuses on maintaining blood sugar levels, Gluco Guardian promotes healthy weight loss and appetite control.

In this Gluco Guardian review New Zealand, I have collected all the pieces of information from reliable sources as well as the personal experience of the customers. This article also mentioned the ingredients, dosage, benefits, pricing, and a lot more.

Gluco Guardian Review (NZ)
Supplement NameGluco Guardian
BrandJaylab Pro
Formulated ToPromote healthy blood sugar, healthy weight loss, and appetite control
Gymnema Sylvestre
Bitter Melon
Juniper Berry
BenefitsBoosts metabolism
Balance normal blood sugar levels
Boost Energy and stamina
Administration RouteOral
Serving SizeOne capsule
InstructionsOne capsule with a meal twice per day
Suitable ForBoth Men and Women
Age GroupAdults
serving per container30 dietary capsules
Result ExpectedIn 30-60 days
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Safety Precautions-Consult a medical professional before starting the supplements.
-Consume the right dose mentioned on the label or directed by a doctor.
-Not suitable for children under the age of 18.
-Store in a cool, dry place.
-Always test for allergies.

-Always read the supplement label carefully.
Multipack AvailabilityAvailable in 1 bottle, 2 bottles, and 4 bottles(2 bottles free)
PriceBuy 1 Gluco Guardian bottle for $49.95 
Buy 4 bottles and get 2 bottles free for $159.80 + free shipping 
Buy 2 Gluco Guardian bottles for $89.90
Money-Back Guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What causes diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the insulin production in the body is disrupted. The real cause of diabetes is still unrecognized. Other causes can vary depending on genetics, family history, obesity, and other environmental and lifestyle factors.  

Health risks associated with diabetes 

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, if not treated properly it can adversely affect your physical and mental health.

Health risks associated with diabetes can vary from short-term complications to long-term complications, it includes:

  • Blindness  (diabetic retinopathy)
  • Foot damage
  • Skin and mouth conditions
  • Hearing impairment
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Kidney damage 
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Depression 

About Gluco Guardian

Gluco Guardian dietary supplement can be used by adults of either gender who wants to have an optimal blood sugar level.

It is manufactured and sold by Jaylab pro. The capsules are easy to swallow and contain 60 capsules for 30 days of intake.

It is suggested to take one capsule of the supplement with a meal, twice a day. The natural and scientifically backed ingredients of Gluco Guardian are known for their anti-diabetic properties.

These ingredients do not have any side effects. The major benefits other than maintaining blood sugar levels include calorie control which leads to healthy metabolism and provides energy and stamina.

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Gluco Guardian ingredients

This supplement contains 7 major ingredients that are combined in the right proportions so that their qualities remain intact. The Gluco Guardian ingredients and their benefits are mentioned below:

  • Cinnamon
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Banaba
  • Guggul
  • Bitter Melon
  • Yarrow 
  • Juniper Berry
Gluco Guardian Ingredients

CinnamonUsed as a spice around the world and it is also known for maintaining blood sugar levels and increasing the level of glucose in the blood. It has been used in traditional medicines for over a thousand years.
Gymnema Sylvestre Also known as Gymnema is enriched with anti-diabetic properties. It also helps to fight sugar cravings. The other benefit of this plant is its anti-inflammatory activities.
BanabaIt is a tropical plant also known as Crape Myrtle. The scientific name is Lagerstroemia speciosa. The leaves are used as a medicine to treat diabetes. Studies have shown banaba helps reduce blood sugar levels and help the body with insulin sensitivity.
GuggulIt has promising anti-diabetic properties. It controls and stabilizes blood glucose levels in the body. Guggul also helps in reducing obesity and helps in maintaining the metabolism.
Bitter Melon Scientifically known as Momordica charantia is also known as bitter melon, bitter gourd, etc. It can help in reducing blood sugar levels and It is also enriched with vitamin C which helps to improve immunity.
YarrowYarrow or common yarrow is a flowering plant in the family of Asteraceae. Yarrow flower is used for lowering blood sugar levels. It creates an insulin compound that assists the glucose present in the blood and distributes that glucose to cells.
Juniper BerryJuniper berries are female seed cones produced by junipers. And they were used widely in traditional medicine practices to treat diabetes. Juniper berries contain high levels of antioxidants which increase insulin levels and reduce blood sugar levels.
Gluco Guardian Supplement

Gluco Guardian working mechanism

Gluco Guardian blood sugar supplement is a blend of 7 ingredients that are combined in the right proportions so that their qualities remain intact. It contains selected ingredients such as cinnamon, banaba, yarrow, juniper berries, Gymnema Sylvestre, and guggul that promotes anti-diabetic properties and boosts metabolism.

Once the supplement enters your body, these ingredients work in your favor by optimizing the metabolism rate by breaking down the stored body fat and turning them into energy. Gluco guardian also contains ingredients that enhance insulin sensitivity. 

Gluco Guardian Supplement Facts

Gluco Guardian dosage and how to use it?

The Gluco Guardian manufacturer suggests taking one capsule with a meal twice per day or as per directed by the doctor. Before taking the capsule read the supplement label. The creator also states that Gluco Guardian should be taken at least 30-60 days for optimal results.

Jaylab Pro Gluco Guardian health benefits

The following are the main health benefits of Gluco Guardian:

  1. Boosts metabolism

As Gluco Guardian dietary supplement contains vitamins and minerals that boost the energy levels in your body, it improves the metabolism rate thus resulting in faster weight loss and increased energy levels.

  1. Balance normal blood sugar levels

This formula contains ingredients having anti-diabetic properties. These ingredients stabilize the glucose level in the body and reduce the risk of diabetic-related complications. 

  1. Energy and stamina

A high metabolism rate results in continuous energy and thus provides optimal stamina.

Gluco Guardian customer review

Paul Stevens 

“I don’t go anywhere without Gluco Guardian. It is the best product for blood sugar support. It also helped me with my metabolic problems. I already ordered my second bottle now. I will suggest this to everyone who has similar issues ”

James Brown

The Gluco Guardian capsules are easy to swallow and  I could see an instant drop immediately after a one-month usage. Overall the shipping and delivery were quick too. ”

Liam M

“I have been using the Gluco Guardian pills I bought from Amazon for 2 months and it was recently I got to know it was fake. Just placed my order again from the official website and I will update you all soon .”

Is it a risk-free solution?

We know your concern, selecting the right dietary supplement that is safe and effective can be very confusing, the Gluco Guardian ingredients are natural and several studies and research have proven the use of these ingredients in traditional and folk medicines.

Gluco Guardian does not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients and it has no side effects. It also provides an easy refund policy of up to 60 days after the actual purchase which makes this a risk-free investment.

Gluco Guardian safety precautions

Here we discuss the precautions that you must take before you consume the Gluco Guardian supplement.

  • Always read the supplement label carefully.
  • Consult a medical professional before starting the supplements.
  • Consume the right dose mentioned on the label or directed by a doctor.
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 18.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Always test for allergies.

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where to purchase it?

The manufacturer does not sell this dietary supplement through other e-commerce websites and it can be only bought from their Gluco Guardian official website. 

The manufacturers are aware that the supplement is sold unauthorized through e-commerce websites like amazon,eBay, etc. Even though it looks unbelievably similar they are scams and are harmful.

If you order through the official website you will be eligible for discounts on each bottle and free shipping.

Is it available in retail stores?

At the moment it is not available in retail stores and can be only bought through their Gluco Guardian official website. 

Several fakes with similar labels and descriptions are being sold at retail stores such as Walmart, Target, etc and they are not manufactured by Jaylab Pro. 

GlucoGuardian price

This dietary supplement can be bought easily from their Gluco Guardian official website and this is the right time to grab the product as they are offering exclusive discounts to customers.

  • Buy 1 Gluco Guardian bottle for $49.95 
  • Buy 4 bottles and get 2 bottles free for $159.80 + free shipping 
  • Buy 2 Gluco Guardian bottles for $89.90

It is best to purchase the combo packs as it comes with exclusive discounts. 

The manufacturer provides easy refunds and returns if the customers are unsatisfied with the supplement. After successfully purchasing the supplement, you will receive an order confirmation mail with a tracking id. If you have any queries or concerns you can contact the customer support team. 

Conclusion on Gluco Guardian review (NZ)

From collecting data from various articles and research this Gluco Guardian review (NZ), introduced a legitimate supplement that helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. There are no side effects reported by the customers as of now.

Gluco Guardian customer reviews are positive. The formula is safe to use and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Gluco Guardian dietary supplement is the perfect choice if you are struggling with diabetes. It is economical and seems like a reliable blood sugar support supplement. They provide a hassle-free shipment as well and the order usually reaches within 4 to 8 business days. 

It is not the complete solution for treating diabetes but it can reduce your blood sugar levels by improving your metabolism. The consumption of Gluco Guardian will not affect your diet or exercise plans and only enhances them. 


  • Boosts metabolism
  • Balance normal blood sugar levels
  • Energy and stamina
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Promote appetite control


  • Only Available On Gluco Guardian official website

Click Here To Order The Gluco Guardian dietary supplement From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can’t I just buy a less expensive form of these ingredients?

There are plenty of options for dietary supplements available in the market with cheaper ingredients but they won’t be effective and they can contain harmful chemicals and hazardous artificial ingredients. Also, it can be a waste of money.

 2. What is the refund policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, you will get a refund with zero questions asked. Customers can return any product within 60 days of the date of the delivery for a refund.

3. How soon will I feel the benefits of Gluco Guardian?

Most people can experience a clearer mind and better energy within a few days, and hunger reduction is seen among customers within 7 days of the use. To maintain these benefits and for improved hunger reduction, better sleep, optimal blood sugar levels, and steady weight loss, Gluco Guardian should be taken at least 30-60 days.

4. How much should I order?  

 It is a personal choice as it may be different from person to person. To use it as a trial for beginners I suggest buying 1 bottle or 2 as it should take 30-60 days for visible results. But due to the possibility of supply chain issues maintaining sufficient supplies to cover an extended period of shipment disruption is suggested.

5. Can I take this while on a diet or exercise program?

Yes and that’s what makes Gluco Guardian efficient to consume. You don’t have to skip any diet or exercise program as Gluco Guardian only enhances what you’re doing.

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