Renaissance Organic Hair: Enjoy holistic, organic, personalised hair care

By Renee Lang
Photo Ishna Jacobs


(L to R) Sonja Hamilton, Hitomi Nagahama, Angie Marshall and Vicki Chapman.

Step through the tall wooden doors out of the bustle of the city, climb the elegant staircase, and you’ll find yourself somewhere special. Somewhere you’ll not want to leave in a hurry. 

Renaissance Organic Hair is a salon like no other. Flooded with natural sunlight as you enter, beautifully hand-painted ceilings and native timber flooring, your senses will be treated to clean air, refreshingly free from the usual harsh chemical fumes. Your hair will be nourished with high quality, ethical, organic and natural ingredients that offer superior results to their full-chemical counterparts. Your taste buds will enjoy delicious flavours from a selection of local herbal teas, organic coffee, tasty snacks and even a complimentary glass of wine, if the hour is right! And you will be pampered by talented stylists who care deeply and put all their efforts into ensuring your experience with them exceeds your expectations, every time. 

“Between us we’ve clocked up 27 years working at Renaissance,” explains owner Sonja Hamilton. “Since 2007 we’ve created an exceptional environment within the salon. Our team thrives here and that culture reflects how passionate we all are, especially with respect to hair care. Take our famous ‘Wet Stretch Test’ for example. In a matter of minutes we can inform our clients whether their hair requires protein, moisture, a combination of both or no treatment at all. If it’s the latter then this is an indication that the Organic Colour Systems shampoos and conditioners are working in harmony with the hair follicles. “I invite you to come and see for yourself,” says Sonja.

Stylist Angie Marshall was particularly happy to train at Renaissance five years ago – and she can’t begin to imagine working with any other range of products. 

“Organic Colour Systems actually offers better results than full chemical colours,” explains Angie. “We have the tools to remove years of product build up, that can have hugely detrimental effects, and to genuinely repair damaged hair. The difference in colouring healthy locks is mind-boggling. It’s such an exciting journey to take your hair on.” 

Always ready to discuss a change in colour or cut, senior stylist Hitomi Nagahama has been working alongside Sonja for more than eight years. Her experience using the Organic Colour Systems range combined with her empathetic approach, particularly to those who are contemplating a dramatic change, has made her very popular with her client base.

“We’re all about ensuring our clients leave feeling and looking good, inside and out!” says the fourth member of the team, senior stylist Vicki Chapman. “I’ve never worked in another salon where client care is as much a focus as it is here at Renaissance. And when our clients are happy, we’re happy so it’s a win-win.”

And it’s obvious, when you see how many clients have been returning for their cuts and colours for so many years now, that the Renaissance team is getting it right. 

“People know they can relax here and enjoy the comfort we offer,” explains Sonja. “This is largely because we don’t rush our clients through like a lot of other salons. Coming here is more of an experience than a quick hair cut or colour. We want every client – men and women – to leave feeling revived and refreshed.”

Every appointment includes an in-depth hair analysis and personalised hair care and styling prescription. 



210 Hardy Street
Ph 03 548 9887


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