The Sellers Room: Experts in lacquering

By Brenda Webb

Photo Ishna Jacobs


Inspired design, leading-edge technology, knowledgeable advice and friendly service is what you will find at The Sellers Room in Stoke.

Whether it’s a new kitchen or bathroom or perhaps you just want to revive your existing one, Myles and Margarette Sellers come armed with years of experience, expertise and understanding.

Along with an experienced team of experts, they will help plan and complete your project.

A point of difference at The Sellers Room is their positive pressure or lacquering (spray painting) booth.

“It makes us unique from other joiners and gives us total control over the finished product,” says Margarette.

Lacquering is a specialised trade and those operating the booth have to be trained and fully qualified.

Dave Wilkins has been in the spray-painting industry for 24 years, working at The Sellers Room for the past six and is an integral part of the team.

“He gets amazing results,” says Margarette. “He is very talented and loves the challenge of providing a high quality, highly durable finish. At the moment he’s working on a high-gloss black finish which is incredibly challenging – you can’t even have one speck of dust on it.”

Having a purpose-built facility on site means they can ensure the quality of the finish is always maintained, says Margarette. “We pride ourselves on our end product.”

The PU finish is 50% hardener and 50% lacquer so is durable and extremely hardwearing, which is important in high use areas such as kitchens.

A sunscreen formula can also be used on ply and veneer surfaces to help slow down the ageing process of the harsh Nelson sun.

The lacquering booth is low on solvent use and The Sellers Room have been vigilant to make sure the emissions meet environmental standards.

“We’re very careful about the products we use and what our emissions are as we care about our environment and work towards being a sustainable business,” says Margarette.

A number of finishes can be achieved by lacquering, ranging from a highly polished glossy look down to a textured or a silky look.

“Personally I love the variety of colour and the different finishes from matte right through to gloss and then the clear silky and oily finish,” says Margarette.

Lacquering on site as opposed to a pre-finished product gives clients the option of being able to match any colour such as a wall or a bench top.

The interactive showroom at The Sellers Room features a number of in-house lacquered products in various finishes including glossy black, white and orange.

The Sellers Room offers a full service from consultation and design through to manufacture and installation of kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and even storage spaces for areas such as bedrooms and garages. They also do retail and restaurant and bar fit-outs, obtaining the special effects that are desired.

Myles, a qualified joiner, has been in the industry for more than 30-plus years and Margarette enjoys working alongside him, but is quick to acknowledge their back up team – an integral part of their business.

The team at The Sellers Room is consistently high performing and achieving, as is evident by their winning of five awards, including the supreme award, at this year’s Nelson/Marlborough Joinery and Design Awards.

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