Susa Guhl: Customised real estate marketing


By Sadie Beckman

Photo Ishna Jacobs


Houses, like people, are all different.Every property has unique features and characteristics, so it seems a little outdated that real estate agents often take the same old marketing approach to every place they list.

If you really want results, it makes sense to work with someone who has thrown the old concept of one-size-fits-all real estate out the window and replaced it with a fully customised experience that is tailored entirely to your individual needs.

And that’s where Susa Guhl comes in.

Susa has remained highly regarded in Nelson real estate for over two decades, and during a recent sabbatical in Auckland, she quickly earned the same respect from both her peers and clients alike.

Refreshed, Susa is now back in Nelson, and her deep experience in the field of real estate, coupled with her focus on the most modern approaches to marketing, make for a formidable agent who really knows her stuff.

Susa is also renowned for her dedication to her clients, and her ability to meet, and exceed, their individual needs. “Listening closely to my clients,” she says, “is one of the most important things I can do.

“A seller’s choice of agent should be the highest priority,” she says, “and we are taking a new, and proven, approach to the property marketing process. This means no more open homes, no more wasted money on ineffective advertising and no more guesswork. Each strategy is crafted to fit the situation, with nothing left to chance. That way I can save my client’s time, energy and money.”

But what is the approach used, by this straightforward yet good-humoured real estate maven, to achieve such success?

Susa says her customised marketing strategy uses a unique mix of digital, social and other media. It is built on years of experience and a very successful 18-month trial, combining to deliver specific marketing objectives to exactly the right audience.

Put it this way, she is an example of someone forward-thinking enough to be leading her field and revolutionising the real estate market to achieve success. And tangible success is certainly something Susa has not been short of throughout her career, with many accolades, recognition and testimonials to prove it.

Susa’s business is also now augmented by three highly skilled partners. “Our business model,” says Susa, “is a real a game-changer, and based on the positive client feedback from the trial period, we now understand that we’re onto something big.

“I’m very excited to be home, and I want to let people know I’m back, open for business, and ready to go,” she says.

“And by the way, I’ll be sticking to my long-held philosophy that reputations are built, not bought.”



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