BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Reviews (NZ) – Does It Promote A Healthy Sleep?

In the fast pacing life of the 21st century, it is evident that people are leading a stressful life. Although technology has taken over and eased most of our tasks, we struggle with various mental health problems in our lives. One of the most common disorders plaguing our lives is a disturbed sleep cycle and insomnia.

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The reasons could be many, and the distress of not sleeping well enough can also have detrimental effects on our physiology. This BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough review (NZ) is here to help you deal with this problem.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Reviews (NZ) – A Powder Supplement That Induces Sleep Naturally!

When we think of supplements or medicines to induce sleep, taking sleeping pills is the first thought that crosses our minds. However, people often shy away from taking it. They do not feel like taking any external supplement to get help with something as natural as “sleep.”

However, a supplement named BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is made up of all-natural ingredients and will help you get command over your biorhythm immediately. Today, our discussion theme spans all aspects of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough, and you will find out what an excellent supplement it is!

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Review
Supplement NameBiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough
Health ConcernDeep Sleep Support
Key IngredientsTaurine
Calcium Citrate
Zinc Orotate
Magnesium Bis-Glycinate
Quantity 227.5 grams
Quality Standards– Formulated in standard labs that are FDA-approved and GMP-certified
Major Benefits– Deep, relaxed sleep
– Improved concentration and productivity
– Increased athletic performance
– Improved mood
– A stronger immune system
– Regulated emotions
Dosage It is recommended to consume 2 scoops of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough after a meal and 30 minutes before bed.
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Compatibility For people above the age of 18 
Restrictions – This supplement is not suggested for children under 18 years
– Not ideal for people taking medications or having a known medical condition
– Never exceed the suggested serving
Price Plans1 bottle (for 30 days): NZD 102.88 per bottle
2 bottles (for 60 days): NZD 189.94 per bottle
3 bottles (for 90 days): NZD 269.08 per bottle
Availability Only through the official website
Refund Policy365 days
Customer Support1-800-719-2467
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough (New Zealand)? 

If you are struggling with getting a good night’s sleep, you must consider taking BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough powdered supplement. This is a formula of BiOptimizers, a big name in health and wellness products, specifically designed to help you with your sleep.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough nutritional supplement has all the precursors of Melatonin, which induces sleep naturally and prevents disrupted sleep. It allows your body to get all the time it needs to rejuvenate after all the hard work and stress you go through and feel fresh as you wake up.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Ingredients And The Benefits They Provide

As you have started to get familiarized with the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough sleep support formula, we are sure that you must be curious about the ingredient and why shouldn’t you. Knowing the ingredients is an essential aspect before you buy anything.

It will help you examine if the supplement contains something you are allergic to. It will leave you in awe that the dietary formula has almost 100% natural ingredients. We bet you will be impressed by the benefits of each ingredient.

So let’s dig into what makes up our magical sleep powder.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Ingredients
  • Glycine- 3000mg

As you hold the container of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough (NZ) in your hands and read out the ingredients, it sits on the top of the list. We are sure, once in a while, in your biology class, you must have heard about “Serotonin,” infamous for the moniker “Feel-Good Hormone.”

Glycine, which accounts for about 3000mg per serving, is mainly responsible for assisting the production of Serotonin. Serotonin can improve your mood, help you be at ease, and fall asleep. Thus it makes sense that it takes up the majority of the proportion in the ingredient list.

If we see metabolically, glycine also affects body temperature. Experiments suggest that it brings the body temperatures to optimal levels, positively impacting sleep. Moreover, various other experiments indicate that glycine has excellent potential to eliminate drowsiness and fatigue.  

  • Taurine- 2500mg

Taurine is an essential amino acid, meaning that Taurine may not be produced within your body. You should supplement it with fruits, vegetables, and energy-enhancing food items. The red bull that you chug at times before workout sessions have Taurine as its main component. This leaves us scratching our heads with the question of how an element that is an ingredient to energize our bodies help us in inducing sleep.

Taurine has nothing to do with the increase in energy; it is instead associated with GABA(gamma-Aminobutyric Acid). GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain to induce sleep, release stress, and ease anxiety. All these function-associated spells out “good sleep” and nothing less, so now you know what Taurine does in the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough formula. 

  • Calcium Citrate

Calcium Citrate is a calcium salt. In comparison to calcium carbonate, it is easier to absorb and has less potency. In the REM stage of sleep, calcium plays a vital role. One of its significant functions includes the transformation of the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. For Melatonin, Serotonin is a building block.

As per research conducted by scientists in 2013, calcium helps in delivering sound sleep to people who struggle with different sleep disorders. As per a detailed study that has been published in European Neurology Journal calcium is seen to be quite elevated in people with deeper and sound sleep cycles. It also suggests that people with less calcium levels often face frequent sleep disruptions, resulting in a disrupted sleep cycle.

  • L-Theanine- 200mg

There are various dubious claims about L-Theanine, another amino acid component of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough deep sleep supplement. Some say that L-Theanine promotes wakefulness. In contrast, others claim that it stimulates the production of GABA, which further helps get a good night’s sleep.

However, given the primary role of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthroughit is safe to say that L-Theanine is also an ingredient that assists in the functioning of the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough by reducing the stress and anxiety levels in an individual. Moreover, it helps in tweaking the release of neurotransmitters. This ingredient is known to calm your brain effectively and help beat insomnia, which plagues many people.

  • GABA (125mg) 

Did you know that Kimchi (a hot and sour food from Korea) contains this same ingredient, which is produced by a particular type of lactobacillus? No wonder why Koreans seem to be so relaxed all the time!

Returning to our discussion, GABA is yet another natural ingredient of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough sleep drink, extracted from a particular type of lactobacillus species- Lactobacillus hilgardi. I hope now you understand the kimchi reference.

Nevertheless, GABA is known to play a critical role in assisting the functioning of natural GABA in humans and bringing down anxiety levels. A person might be stressed about the upcoming day’s tasks. Of course, that will obstruct their sleep and make them feel cranky even after sleeping 7-8 hours. However, BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough (NZ), with its natural active sleep-inducing ingredients, will allow you to ease out and sleep well.

  • Magnesium BIS-Glycinate

Magnesium BIS-Glycinate is the magnesium salt of glycinate containing elemental magnesium by mass, available in the form of a dietary supplement. This mineral supplement has its primary role in minimizing nutritional deficiencies and leg cramps.

At the same time, it manages seizures in preeclampsia and eclampsia. However, it is best known for its properties to improve sleep and act against various inflammatory conditions.

Moreover, the clinical properties of Magnesium BIS-Glycinate extend to preventing and reducing the complications associated with heart disease and diabetes. 

Some other significant ingredients of Bioptimizers Sleep Breakthrough include Zink Orotate and P5P. 

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Scientific Support Of The Effectiveness Of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Formula

It is commendable how various research and reports have been compiled, studied, and then applied to design BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough. Every ingredient of this formula has scientific backing, proving the legitimacy of the dietary supplement. According to some sources, there are about 25-30 test batches, demonstrating BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough’s efficacy.

The ingredients have been chosen to make even a mammoth fall asleep. To back this claim, let’s take the example of an experiment in which a minuscule amount of glycine was administered to rats. The scientists found out that the rats could fall asleep in no time. Not just that, the scientists also found effective body temperature control and better blood flow in the rats, which further ensures better sleep quality.

Another study on the ingredient: Experiments with Taurine, suggests that it works to cancel out the effect of caffeine. It can help bring down energy levels to the optimum level and induce sleep. The test candidates and experiments with the mice have also shown results sticking to the fact that BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough powder facilitates good inducing sleep.

Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, a few cocktails of minerals and vitamins make up the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough drinkable mixOne of the significant vitamins employed in making this sleep-inducing powder is Vitamin B6. It is linked to various scientific studies, adhering to its importance in developing the nervous system and its positive effect on the sleep cycle.

The reports suggest that it has played an active role in the management of the circadian rhythm of a human and contributed effectively to maintaining an 8 hours sleep cycle. Also, Vitamin B6 is highly helpful in managing stress and anxiety and is highly recommended for managing PMS.

Likewise, it can be stressed that all the ingredients employed to prepare the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough mix work together to complement each other’s function. As a result, the person may wake up in the morning feeling fresh and energized if they take even a scoop of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough powder before going to sleep.

Health Benefits And Features Of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough (NZ)

The BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough supplement is a wonder as it does what it is supposed to do, i.e., help you fall asleep and manage your sleep disruptions.

Below we have discussed the beneficial aspects of employing BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough as a sleep supplement:

  • It helps people struggling with insomnia and induces sleep in them. The ingredients such as GABA and glycine naturally assist the brain of an insomniac in releasing hormones like Serotonin and Melanin to help with sleep.
  • It not only helps induce sleep but also elevates the desire to sleep. There is a stark difference between the two, as the former compels the brain to mimic sleep-inducing mechanisms. On the other hand, the latter improves the lifestyle by fixing the circadian rhythm and developing a time to fall asleep naturally.
  • Employing BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough sleep aid supplement is different from taking Melatonin. It doesn’t make you dependent on Melatonin pills present in the market. Therefore, as you proceed with the supplement, you will be able to gradually tone down and fall naturally asleep (even after the complete weaning process).
  • It is a beneficial formula to assist people with disorders that cause multiple sleep disruptions. BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough drink helps to fall asleep soon after waking up mid-sleep.
  • There are various stages in the sleep cycle, the most critical being REM sleep. BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough dietary formula is designed to increase the span of REM sleep, giving the body time to replenish and rejuvenate.

User Feedback About The Working Of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough

To find the effectiveness of any formula, let alone BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough, it is best to go through customer reviews. It is because customer reviews are the most honest representation of the supplement’s efficacy and worth.

When we looked at the reviews from various websites, it was amazing to see so much praise for the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough. People genuinely have commented on this formula’s effectiveness in helping them sleep.

One of the standard review types highlights that BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough enables sleep and has helped customers get hold of their daily routine. They explain that BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough (NZ) increases their desire to fall asleep, making them go to bed on time.

Going to bed on time allows them to wake up on time without feeling anxious about the day ahead. So, employing Sleep breakthrough surely helps in falling asleep and even more in getting command over your lifestyle in a healthy manner.

Here are a few BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough testimonials published on different websites for your reference.

“These actually work for better sleep !!! I had surgery 3 years ago and have had trouble sleeping ever since. Tried countless products and have gotten the best results with this by far. It’s been 2 weeks and definitely tell the difference, wanted to give some time before leaving a review. Unfortunately, I recently heard that Magnesium supplements can possibly lower blood pressure so going to look into that but for now, I’m still taking them. So far I feel fine and truly grateful for the results.”


“Slept immediately better! Restless legs were cured and cramps were much better. I will continue to take this miracle supplement!”


“I heard about BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough from an internet influencer. My husband is overweight from a stressful job and the accompanying cortisol. I often can’t sleep but an hour then I wake up for hours. We started taking 1-2 capsules in the evening and have observed a noticeable difference. We sleep better and are calmer.”


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BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Dosage And Administration

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough comes in a jar filled in such a manner that it can last 25 servings. If you take up two scoops per serving, the jar can last until 50 scoops.

It is recommended to consume BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough after a meal and 30 minutes before bed. You can start by taking two scoops at max and gradually tone down to 1 scoop. You can consistently consume one scoop to have the optimum results.

Several natural flavoring agents have been employed to make it taste good. So, it will not hurt your taste palettes if you are worried about BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough (New Zealand) being bitter like other medicines.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Supplement Facts

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Price And Accessibility

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is easily accessible via various e-commerce websites. You can also buy it directly from the site of Bioptimizers. You can buy a single jar or in the bulk of 2-3 jars.

Here is the price for each type of jar you wish to purchase:

  • One jar of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is going to cost you: NZD 102.88 + Shipping
  • Two jars of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough are going to cost you: NZD 189.94 + Free Shipping (anywhere in the US)
  • Three jars of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is going to cost you: NZD 269.08 + Free Shipping (anywhere in the US)

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Reviews (NZ) – Why Should You Choose This Formula?

The BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough supplement comes with a clinically proven formula packed with the necessary ingredients to provide ultimate sleep support. Each component of the formula comes along with a solid clinical background suggesting its effectiveness in managing sleep-related struggles and upgrading sleep quality. After reading this BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough review (NZ) you may have understood the effectiveness of the formula.

Altogether, the right combination of ingredients in the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough formula promises to address the root cause of sleep deprivation and improve overall life quality by rectifying abnormal sleep patterns. Thousands of happy customers also have suggested that the formula is effective to bring significant results without inducing any negative side effects. 

The BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough powdered sleep aid supplement is free of all types of chemicals, and fillers that adversely affect your health. Besides, it comes after third-party lab verification regarding its safety, potency, purity, and quality. Having packed the right combination of ingredients in each of their adequate measures, the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough formula also comes with complete satisfaction with the results it promises.

Moreover, the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough deep sleep supplement includes a 365-day flexible money-back guarantee, allowing you to claim a complete refund if the formula fails to bring the suggested results.

Based on all these facts, you can conclude that the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough drinkable supplement becomes the plausible option you can choose for a healthy sleep-wake cycle. 

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Common Doubts About BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough

1. Is there a refund policy for BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

The BiOptimizers guarantees a full refund of the cost if you return the product within 365 days of purchase of the supplement. However, you have to specify and convince your reason for cancellation.

2. Is there any chance I might get allergic reactions to BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

The company has explicitly assured that it is free of any allergen in the supplement labeling. However, you can further confirm it using the customer care number of Bioptimizers, available on their website.

3. Can it function as an anxiety reduction supplement?

No, it cannot function as an anxiety-reduction supplement. Although some of the ingredients have calming effects, they are complemented with other ingredients to induce sleep.

4. Are there any side effects to BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

The ingredients used to make BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough have been sourced from natural extracts. So it eliminates the chances of any adverse side effects. There might be one significant side effect: you will feel highly jolly after finally getting a good night’s sleep.

5. Can diabetic patients take BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

Yes, diabetic patients can consume BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough because they have no sugar content and do not affect their glucose levels. Therefore, BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is safe for consumption by diabetic patients.

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