Jaylab Pro VG-6 Reviews (NZ) – Does It Really Work For Both Men And Women?

Do dietary supplements really work? Is it safe? If you’re someone who has the same questions, then this JayLab Pro VG-6 review (NZ) will help you figure out more about the product and finds out if it’s the best choice for you. There are many supplements out there but not all of them are worth your money. Most people tend not to use dietary supplements due to their poor taste but VG-6 has a mild cinnamon apple flavor.

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JayLab Pro VG-6 is a dietician formulated 6 in 1 drink that provides many health benefits such as healthy inflammatory response, blood sugar support, and restored energy. It is manufactured by JayLab Pro. It contains essential nutrients and minerals that detox your body.

Jaylab Pro VG-6 Reviews (NZ) – Were Any Negative Customer Reviews or Comments Reported?

This JayLab Pro VG-6 review (NZ) will provide you with all of the details that you should know before purchasing the supplement. Here, I have collected all the pieces of information from reliable sources as well as the personal experience of the customers, the ingredients, dosage, benefits, pricing, etc.

Jaylab Pro VG-6 Reviews
Product NameJaylab Pro VG-6
Suitable ForBoth men and women
Core Ingredients –Green health blend
–Energy blend
–Detox blend
–Alkalinity blend
–Probiotic Blend Complex
–Enzyme blend 
Net Weight273g
Main Benefits–Support a healthy inflammatory response
–Support healthy blood sugar levels
–Boost energy levels
Quality Standards–Non-GMO
Third-party verified
No sugars added
Dosage Take 1 scoop daily by mixing with 8 ounces of water
Side EffectsNot yet reported
Pros –Strengthens immunity systems
Provides blood sugar support
No artificial colors 
Easy to prepare package and powder formula
Quick and responsive customer support team 
Special discounts on all packages
Cons –Only available through the official website
Do not overdose
Restrictions –Not suitable for children under the age of 18
Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and those with allergies
Price Plans–1 bottle: NZD 55.95
3 bottles: NZD
6 bottles: NZD
Availability Official Website (Only)
Refund PolicyValid within 60 days after purchase
Official WebsiteClick Here

What exactly is JayLab Pro VG-6?

JayLab Pro VG-6 is a dietary supplement formulated by scientists from 22 institutions, including UCLA, National Institutes of Health, Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and Columbia University Medical Center Point to attain a healthy inflammatory response.

This is a 6-in-1 drink manufactured by JayLab Pro. It has a mild cinnamon apple flavor which is a treat for your taste buds. Each bottle is weighed 273g(9.6 oz) and 30 servings. JayLab Pro VG-6 dietary supplement is vegetarian and does not contain added sugar or artificial colors. It also does not contain peanuts and it is GMO-free.

How effective are JayLab Pro VG-6 ingredients?

JayLab Pro VG-6 has 6 powerful blends of green health blend, energy blend, detox blend, alkalinity blend, probiotic blend complex, and enzyme blend. These are combined in the right proportions so that their qualities remain intact and work in your favor.

  1. Green health blend

The green health blend serves as a front-line support for vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. It includes soy lecithin powder, apple fruit powder, barley grass powder, alfalfa herb powder, wheat sprout powder, spinach leaf powder, etc. These are a good source of proteins and fiber and antioxidants which can boost your immunity.

  1. Energy blend

The VG-6 energy blend supports mitochondrial functions and generates cellular energy. The energy blend includes spirulina whole plant powder, beetroot powder, bee pollen powder, and green tea leaf extract. Beetroot is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Bee pollen powder enhances energy levels and strengthens the functions of the nervous system and green tea strengthens the immune system.

  1. Detox blend

The detox blend contains powerful antioxidants that reduce the build-up of harmful toxins. The blend contains Acerola berry powder, parsley leaf powder, licorice root powder, Milk thistle seed extract, etc. Milk thistle can help in strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation. Parsley is rich in vitamin c and it is known as a natural detoxifier.

  1. Alkalinity blend

The VG-6 alkalinity blend reduces the acidity level and maintains a healthy ph level. The alkalinity blend includes chlorella cracked cell wall powder, suma root powder, ginkgo leaf extract, and grape seed extract. Also known as Ginkgo Biloba, it enhances cognitive performance and reduces inflammation.

  1. Probiotic Blend Complex

The probiotic blend complex includes inulin which is prebiotic and helps in digestion. Other ingredients include lactobacillus acidophilus, streptococcus thermophilus, etc.

  1. Enzyme blend 

The enzyme blend includes Maltodextrin, Inulin as we have already mentioned above, and bromelain which is an enzyme present in the pineapple stem and juice.  

Jaylab Pro VG-6 Ingredients

How good is the effect for JayLab Pro VG-6?

As per the official website, the formula claims to provide micronutrients to strengthen your existing diet and lifestyle. The effect of the JayLab Pro VG-6 formula can be visible within a few weeks of usage, unlike other dietary supplements.

It contains several vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory nutrients that improve overall health. What makes JayLab Pro VG-6 blend different from other dietary supplements is its taste. It has a mild cinnamon apple flavor which makes it tasty as well as healthy. 

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How to use JayLab Pro VG-6 for better results?

The serving size is 1 scoop which is 9.1g. It is recommended to drink JayLab Pro VG-6 every day with a meal. However, if you are experiencing high internal inflammation, two drinks per day are recommended. It is suggested to mix the powder with 8 ounces of warm water to bring out the robust taste.

Does JayLab Pro VG-6 really work?

The JayLab Pro VG-6 ingredients are rich in nutrients and have high fiber content which is proven to aid in maintaining a healthy inflammatory response. Consumers suffering from inflammation and other related disorders have noticed enhanced cognitive performance, high energy levels, improved digestion, and reduced acidity. The results are usually seen within a few days of the usage.

Jaylab Pro VG-6 Working

Health benefits offered by JayLab Pro VG-6

The majority of the JayLab Pro VG-6 reviews (NZ) are seen as positive. The following are the main benefits offered by JayLab Pro VG-6 energy booster:

1. Supports a healthy inflammatory response

JayLab Pro VG-6 formula consists of green tea and milk thistle and other anti-inflammatory nutrients which builds a healthy inflammatory response. This is a necessary part of the body’s immune system to fight off infections, and injuries and for the healing process.

2. Blood sugar support

JayLab Pro VG-6 dietary supplement has natural ingredients that increase insulin production, control sugar cravings, and help to manage normal blood sugar levels.

3. Energy booster

JayLab Pro VG-6 powder contains ingredients that improve the metabolism rate by breaking down stored body fat and turning them into energy.

JayLab Pro VG-6 before and after results

Being a licensed health professional, I suggested JayLab Pro VG-6 to some of my patients suffering from inflammation and other related disorders. The nutrients and enzymes present in the VG-6 can improve anti-inflammatory response. Taking VG-6 as per the advised dosage has helped them build immunity and maintain metabolism.

 Other feedbacks include enhanced cognitive performance, high energy level, improved digestion, and reduced acidity. Furthermore, I have gone through some studies and research about the supplements and they were authentic as well. So JayLab Pro VG-6 seems like a genuine and legitimate supplement.

Who should and shouldn’t use it?

JayLab Pro VG-6 cinnamon flavored powder formula only supports adult body requirements therefore it cannot be used by anyone above the age of 18. The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised against the use of dietary supplements in anyone under the age of 18 as it exposes them to negative impacts.

Similarly, the supplement is not advised for pregnant or lactating women, or people taking strong medications. Allergy tests should be taken for those who have allergies.

It is always recommended to ask for expert advice from a medical professional before starting JayLab Pro VG-6 or any other dietary supplements to ensure complete safety. If you have any queries or concerns about the supplement, you can contact the customer service team.

Jaylab Pro VG-6 Cinnamon Apple Turnover Flavor

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Is it safe to consume?

JayLab Pro VG-6 is a completely natural and clinically proven dietary supplement formulated by registered dieticians from around the globe. It contains 100% natural ingredients and is free from stimulants and toxins.

The supplement helps support crucial micronutrients that your body needs. It is completely vegetarian and GMO-free. It is also sugar-free. This makes the supplement safe to consume. Thus no negative JayLab Pro VG-6 reviews (NZ) were reported so far by any of the customers.

You will be also provided with a 60-day refund policy in case the product didn’t work out for you. This makes it a risk-free investment.

JayLab Pro VG-6 pros and cons

The following are some of the pros and cons of the JayLab Pro VG-6 dietary supplement. It will help you provide a better outlook on the product.

JayLab Pro VG-6 pros:

  • Provides essential nutrients that your body needs.
  • Strengthens immunity systems.
  • Provides blood sugar support.
  • Vegetarian and GMO-free.
  • Sugar-free.
  • No artificial colors 
  • Easy to prepare package and powder formula
  • An iron-clad 60-day money-back policy
  • Quick and responsive customer support team 
  • Special discounts on all packages

JayLab Pro VG-6 cons:

  • Only available through the official website
  • Overdose can lead to serious side effects
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 18, pregnant or lactating women, and those with allergies.

Where to buy JayLab Pro VG-6?

JayLab Pro VG-6 is manufactured and sold by JayLab Pro and right now it can be only bought through their official website. The manufacturer does not sell the product to any other third-party websites like Amazon and e-Bay, or any other retail stores to avoid circulation of duplicates. 

That being said, the manufacturers have been aware of JayLab Pro VG-6 being sold on other websites as well as retail stores by unauthorized sellers. These supplements have similar packaging and similar product label but can lead to serious health issues. To avoid such scams, make sure to purchase from the original website.

To purchase the JayLab Pro VG-6 blend, all you have to do is go to their official site, choose the package you want, and enter billing information. After completing the purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. The product will be delivered to you within 4 to 8 business days.

JayLab Pro VG-6 pricing and discounts

This product is 100% budget-friendly. On purchasing through the official website, you will be eligible for an exclusive discount. 

Here’s the price list of the 3 highly discounted packages of JayLab Pro VG-6 to choose from:

  • Buy 1 bottle for NZD 55.95 
  • Buy 4 bottles and get 2 bottles free for NZD 223.95 + free shipping and save NZD 335.70
  • Buy 3 bottles for NZD 139.95 and save NZD 27.90

The combo packs are available at much cheaper rates and are free of shipping charges.

Customers can track the order as soon as the shipment notification email with the tracking number is received. If you have any queries or complaints you can contact the Jaylab Pro customer support team. 

JayLab Pro VG-6 Reviews (NZ) – Let’s Conclude!

Being a licensed health professional, JayLab Pro VG-6 seems to be a legitimate health supplement that provides essential micronutrients to your body. So far there are 3000+ happy customers with desired results. This specifies the product are safe to use.

As per the JayLab Pro VG-6 reviews (NZ) from customers, there are no side effects reported yet. The JayLab Pro VG-6 manufacturer guarantees that it is made in standard lab facilities under strict, sterile, and precise conditions. The formula is completely vegetarian and free from GMOs, stimulants, and sugar.

The JayLab Pro VG-6 manufacturer also provides exclusive discounts to the customers which is economical and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which makes this a risk-free investment. 

As I have mentioned above, this supplement includes highly effective vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the body for its anti-inflammatory responses therefore this product is worth a shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are green drinks really good for you?

Yes if it’s the right one. Supplements like this make up for the essential nutrients that have been stripped from diets.

2. What’s the best way to prepare JayLab Pro VG-6?

It is recommended to mix 1 scoop(9.1 g) of JayLab Pro VG-6 with 8 ounces of warm water every day with a meal. This way it brings out its best taste. Those who experience high internal inflammation can consume two drinks per day.

3. What is the refund policy?

You can return the product to JayLab Pro Inc within 60 days of the date of delivery for a refund. Only two opened bottles from a multiple-bottle order will be accepted for a full refund within the 60-day allowance, the rest must be sealed and unopened. If the order is returned within 30 days of the date of delivery, then only one opened bottle from the same multiple-bottle order will be accepted for a full refund.

4. How much should I order?

This is a personal choice, For those who want to try it out first it is best to buy a single bottle which is available for NZD 55.95. Although the most economical choice is to buy the 6-bottle pack as it is being sold for NZD 223.95 and has free shipping

5. When will my order arrive?

After purchasing you will be followed up by an order confirmation mail. The shipment will be delivered within 4 to 8 business days. 

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