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Two young chiropractors have created a unique and successful fusion of the old and the new at Nelson’s oldest chiropractic practice, the Loveday Clinic.

Dr Adam Mokhtar and Dr Chelsey Liew both bring a modern approach to chiropractic health that is backed by the latest research and developments, but they also have had the benefits of learning proven, more traditional methods from those who came before.

Adam, who grew up in Nelson, completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic in Auckland before returning to his home town mid-2015 to begin work at the Loveday Clinic, a chiropractic and natural health centre on Collingwood St.

He worked for the Loveday Clinic’s then-owner, John Loveday, before the two switched roles when Adam bought the business in August last year.

John had owned the practice – which was originally opened in the 1970s by Dr Robert Clifford – for 17 years.

Adam says his time with John was extremely valuable as he merged modern chiropractic techniques which he learned during his degree with his mentor’s experienced approach.

“He’s had 44 years of experience, and he mentored me to take over the clinic. From him I basically gained an extra degree. Now, what we do is 100 percent mixing the old with the new, and we’re still continuing to seek cutting-edge information by attending various seminars and conferences. To give the best to our patients, we need to keep on learning.”

Chelsey joined her partner Adam in November last year, a week after completing her Bachelor of Chiropractic degree in Auckland, just in time to see John work out his last days.

One of the first changes they made at the Loveday Clinic was to digitise their records, a departure from John’s handwritten patient notes, which has streamlined the system ‘for our amazing chiropractic assistants Joan and Michelle, as well as for our patients’.

Joan has been at the practice for eight years and Michelle for almost one year. “They help us help the people we serve.”

Adam, 27, says he is proud that he and Chelsey, 23, are able to continue the Loveday Clinic’s strong reputation for proven, effective treatments, so early in their careers.

“We’ve taken over a business that’s been here for about 50 years or so, so there’s a lot of people who come in because they know it works.”

While some patients come in to have specific injuries or issues looked at, others come in for what Adam calls ‘maintenance and wellness care’.
“They all say, ‘I’m just here for a tune up’, and that is actually very important. By looking after the spine and the nervous system, we make sure they’re functioning and healing correctly.”

Adam says that as a health professional, valuing the individual needs of each patient is key to helping them achieve the health and wellness they deserve. That means not only performing chiropractic adjustments, but also supporting and educating patients about what’s going on in their bodies and why.

“It’s about taking a holistic approach to health and wellness.”



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